Sunday, July 5, 2009

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The dying right brain

The long weekend provided me with the much needed space in my mind-o-sphere to compose and post this tiny article. The last few days I have been the happiest in a while and the consequent chemical state resulted in a bunch of activities which I am tempted to call "creative". I went out on a very long drive, went to a flower garden (can you believe it ?), composed three poems, did some nature photography and even had the time to come up with captions for each of the photos, read the book by Euler (Euler's gems) on graph theory (mostly dealing with polyhedrons and topology) and even thought of an idea which I am planning to publish in an engineering conference.

These acitivities made me think, how much are we sacrifising just by following the social programming. To satisfy the premises of Darwinian survival guide, we need to over use our left brain. I don't deny the need for analyticism for basic progress of human race. But there is much more that is left untouched. If we let our creationistic faculties flow even at the cost of marginal materialistic gains, the benefits are tremendous and overwhelming beautiful. Instead of wasting our time and energy over petty achievements, I beleive, every individual has the potential to create and make an impact.

The whole world of the unfathomable and the abstract yet beautiful when put together coherently opens up a treasure of unforseen measure. Think of the most brilliant logicians, physicists, mathematicians, painters and musicians, they were all exceptionally right brained individuals with adequate mix of the left brain. To invent and to create, one has to bypass the mundane and the strict error checking mechanism of the analytical left brain. All these men with exceptional creationistic faculties were equated to stupidity on several occasions during their illustracious careers and that is of no surprise. To create one has to let go the analytical mind for a while, to see the finer relations, the abstract conections one has to let go the arguments. Only when the strings are attached, the unforeseen is seen, the abstract is concretized, then comes the analysis to make a meaning out of the beautiful. I wonder how many of us are willing to take the initiative and create and learn to love the abstract and the unfathomable.